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Camillus Home Search

Camillus Home Search – Camillus home ownership in a quiet and wonderful area to the west of Syracuse, a wonderful little village. It has charm, a beautiful creek running through it, and has very easy and quick access to Route 5, shopping, and all of the restaurants one might desire.

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 Camillus Home Search

Camillus, New York


The town of Camillus is named after the Roman General, Marcus Furius Camillus and was founded on 8th March, 1799. It spans an area of about 35 square miles, including places like Fairmount, Amboy-Belle Isle and Warners.


Camillus was first occupied by Isaac Lindsay, who later became known as Camillus. Later on, he was joined by his three brothers James, William and Elijah. He also built the first wood frame house there, which is still located in Leroy Street. He was also responsible for identifying large deposits of gypsum in Camillus, which led to flourishing of a new industry.

Camillus Erie Canal

The siginfiicant change in the lives of the people of Camillus was brought through the construction of the Erie Canal in 1825.After this construction, in Nine Mile Creek, a lot of power was generated and also made easy access for shipping of goods to other places. This resulted in the springing up of as many as 19 mills that came up along side Erie Canal. Numerous stores also developed which catered to the needs of the boat crew and passengers. Since Dill Brothers of Camillus built barges and warehouses to store grain and other products, the place came to be known as Dill’s Landing in Camillus.

Community organizations

The population of the town is about 25,000 and has one high school and two middle schools and four elementary schools. The Town Shop Youth Centre provides positive youth development for the teens of Camillus. The program is sponsored by The New York State Department of Aging and Youth and the New York State ADA-PEP. There are various programs, especially for the senior citizens of Camillus, such as, the non-profit organizations, Meals on Wheels, providing subsidized and non-subsidized housing for the senior citizens, Foster Grand Parent Program and so on.

Areas of attraction

There are numerous areas of attraction in Camillus, including Carpenters Brook Fish Hatchery, the Empire Echo Center, Onondaga County Park and other such places which are worth visiting.


In Camillus, there are many museums, good recreation facilities and historical sites. Since it is located close to Syracuse New York, it is easily accessible to all central New York locations. The Erie CanalPark is a very entertaining and recreation place that spans an area of ten miles of scenic wooded parks and walk ways. It is also famous for the boat ride along the canal. There is museum called SimsStoreMuseum, which exhibits early photos and maps with models. The steam engine exhibit is another attraction.


The town of Camillus Veteran Memorial Park at GillieLake featured a Sunflower walk during the summers of 2008 and 2009. There is an annual event called Towpath Day which features a fun filled day of old fashioned crafts, children’s activities, great music and canal boat rides. There are numerous varieties of foods and drinks available during this festival. In late October, Halloween festival is also celebrated.

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